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Every gift a donor gives to the Care Centre is a gift in action that makes an immediate impact on our residents’ lives.

With donor support we are able to embrace the challenges of the changing realities and growing complexity of seniors’ care.

2015 Highlights

With donor support in 2015, we were able to advance specialized care for seniors securing specialized equipment, i.e. new bath tubs and shower chairs, and purchasing our first on-site diagnostic device - an ultrasound bladder scanner. As our residents are frail and face multiple health issues, securing specialized equipment, diagnostic and health monitoring devices is vital in helping our residents achieve their optimal level of function and continue to participate in everyday activities of living for as long as possible.

Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

ultrasound bladder scanner

Bladder ultrasound is now considered a safer alternative to catheterisation in the diagnosis of urinary retention. The benefits include fewer invasive catheterisations and increased patient comfort. Gives high-resolution diagnostic images, Results are available immediately and is safe to use. The on-site bladder scanner saves precious time for transferring residents in and out of the Home and wait for results. It has improved our care response times.

“It used to take me 4-7 hours to get my Mom to a clinic for her urinary test. Now it takes minutes, and it is all done here at the Care Centre. It makes me feel calm knowing that when the test is done quickly, a proper treatment can also be applied much more quickly. And sometimes this is lifesaving, as we know.” Helen Kerekes, Family Member.


Bath Tubs and Shower Chairs

Our new baths have enhanced safety and therapeutic features provide a better experience for our frail elderly - with easy access, comfortable materials on the seat and back, an adjustable footrest and a wider upper area for the torso and shoulders. – hand-held showers on both sides, auto filling, advanced scalding protection, automatic disinfection and easy-to-access controls.

“Taking a bath or a shower is a very private, personal experience that you want to enjoy on your own, without the help of others, and without fear of slipping and breaking your already brittle bones. Yes, at this point in my life, this makes a huge difference in my life- a bath tub and a shower chair. It’s one of those little joys left in life that I am happy I can continue to have. Keeps my dignity and my smile on.” Dorothy Liber, Care Centre Resident.

We thank our donors for helping us make a lasting impact on the lives of our seniors.




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