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Why Give to the Care Centre

The growing need for specialized care and services for seniors

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Today, people live longer but they become frailer as they age and many suffer from complex chronic health conditions, including Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia which deprive them of the ability to physically take care of themselves.

As our population continues to age, an increasing number of seniors need ongoing specialized professional care and daily assistance to live with dignity and respect, sustain quality of life, and ultimately live longer.

To provide this type of professional care along with daily assistance in a home environment is almost next to impossible.

Specialized long-term care is vital to older adults with complex chronic health conditions.

The changing role of long-term care

Since 2010, new government admission criteria require that older adults enter long-term care homes only when they have high or very high care needs that cannot be met in a home environment even with professional support.

Long-term care homes are increasingly becoming an alternative to inpatient health care for seniors with the most complex health conditions. This requires introducing more health care technology, specialized equipment and building new competencies. However, government support has not kept pace with the growing demand for specialized care for today’s long-term care residents, all of whom have high to very high care needs.

With the need for specialized care growing fast and literally with every new resident entering our Home, we want to ensure that we have the technical capacities and resources to meet the high care needs of our residents.

We are committed to embracing the future of seniors’ care by taking action and mobilizing all of our resources now.

With your support

Donor support has been central to our accomplishments and our identity as an organization. The establishment of the Care Centre was driven by the Ukrainian community and a community vision for seniors’care which inspired thousands of community members to give generously of their financial resources, time and talents so that our growing population of seniors have a safe and secure home for the time when they are frail and can no longer take care of themselves.

With your support and commitment to the community's vision of seniors’ care, we will be able to:

  • Embrace the challenges of the changing role of long-term care and secure the technical resources and capacities we need to provide care that best needs the high health care needs of our residents

  • Sustain our holistic, personalized and culturally sensitive approach to care and ensure that we meet the physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual needs of our residents.

  • Continue to innovate, develop and implement best practices of care, keep abreast of technological developments in health care and ensure that every resident who enters our Home today and in the future receives the best care for their need.

  • Sustain the unique cultural features of our Home. Our residents will be able to continue to enjoy their familiar ethnic food, attend liturgy services in our on-site Chapel, and celebrate unique cultural holidays, all of which mean a lot to them and enhance their well-being.

  • Ensure that our residents live in a safe, clean and secure, home-like environment;

  • Enhance and expand our services to more seniors.

Aging is human and caring for those who are frail in the final years of their live, is part of what makes our society civil and humane. Taking care of our most elderly seniors is how we respect and honour our seniors’ lives and their many contributions to the prosperity of our society today.

We count on your support to be able to continue in our mission of caring for our most vulnerable seniors the way they have cared for us.



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